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Concept and how to cast Love Spells using Candles


Candle love spells are magical and can be achieved using different colours of candles depending on factors like what day of the week, weather condition, your expectations, distance apart or how soon you need results.


Each candle colour will suit a particular situation, and your caster will check and recommend you for the best colour to use.


Ensure that you perform this spell on someone whom you have got a little connection to. I mean not just anybody whom you do not know, never seen or shared to about love.

Hence there should be a start point to trigger off the work.

What a love spell will do is direct positive energy and forces of nature to work on your behalf.

Candles burn in the air or an open space because the energies have to flow in the universe hence giving a natural way to produce good results.

This way you will not waste your time and energy focusing on someone who might not care for you the way you want.

Casting a candle spell means, you are making your wish known to the universe.

However note that it must not interfere with the free will of the person, no matter how much you miss the person’s characters.


Candle Magic Basics


Candle magic is an ancient and powerful form of warm magic.

It is as well one of the simplest types used for casting spells. These Candle magics can be complicated at times, just as any relationship can.

Less experienced and poorly trained casters will certainly fail to do the right things.

To win back the affection of the one you love will be best done by an experienced caster who is familiar with the basics involved in candle magic. Customising a spell to your needs is simple.


How To Cast A simple White Candle Spell to bring back your lover

Before you begin, here’s one quick tip. You should not use an already used candle.
Always use virgin candles for new spells. Used Candles can pick up vibrations from their previous use, which causes them to be ineffective especially if used for different type of spells.


Before you begin, here’s one quick tip. You should not use an already used candle.


Always use virgin candles for new spells. Used Candles can pick up vibrations from their previous use, which causes them to be ineffective especially if used for different type of spells.


 1. You need a new white candle thick enough to inscribe and fairly small to watch as it burns away.


 2.Put the candle in its holder fixed on a table.


3. Surround the candle with beautiful, simple objects that mean a lot to you and the person you love.


These little things can be symbolic, such as a beautiful seashell if you love going swimming, a flower or a piece of paper you have written on a few words or drawn some pictures.


4. If you can get a white rose plant, take a thorn and use it to write on the candle.

Write the words “come, my love”. If you cannot find a rose thorn, then use the tip of a small knife, a nail tip or a needle to inscribe the candle.


5. Place the candle back in the middle of the altar or table and light it. Look at the candle carefully as it burns.


6. start thinking and imagining your lover coming to you with a smile and keep on until the candle burns out.


7. After burning the candle, wrap the remaining wax puddle together with the objects surrounding the candle, in a piece of white cloth then place them in a safe place.


At this point, you will have completed the process and will be waiting for results.


Expect the person to give you all the love he or she got for you, but the amount of love may differ as it could be more or less than the way you love him/her.


Ending the Love Spell that was cast using a candle

Should you wish to stop the relationship with that person whom you performed the spells on, take the candle remains you wrapped in the white cloth and dispose of them.

You can do this in any way you like such as burning the material with all the contents, burying it, throwing it at crossroads, throwing into running water or by merely throwing it away.


You will have ended the processes and cut away the flow of the positive energies and the commands of nature.


Most times Love Needs your efforts.

There isn’t a guarantee that a candle love spell will bring 100% results as you may want. However, it will help you to have a more

Positive impression and expression and that is the kind of energy one needs to have as you face any love opportunity that come your way.

Use the opportunity maximumly such that get the best ( win his/her heart).


White Candle Spells  Performed at Night

This white candle love spell was taught to me by my grandmother many years ago.
I grew up using it for women, and it was carried out between 11 pm till 4 am, and this suited females because of the phallic shape of the candle.


This white candle love spell was taught to me by my grandmother many years ago.


I grew up using it for women, and it was carried out between 11 pm till 4 am, and this suited females because of the phallic shape of the candle.


However, with experience and trials, this spells has worked for men too. I, therefore, encourage males too,

to perform this spell and in fact, I have heard good testimonies since 1993 right from the first time I posted it on the internet.

Red Candle Love Spells to Attract New Love

A red candle spell is a hoodoo conjuration and is stronger than the white candle love spell explained above. This one takes about a week (seven days) to complete. To have the work done, one needs:

A red candle spell is a hoodoo conjuration and is stronger than the white candle love spell explained above. This one takes about a week (seven days) to complete. To have the work done, one needs:


  1. Two large lodestones female and male if you are heterosexual. For homoerotic, one needs both female or both male.

  2. A tray or plate (not made of steel or iron)

  3. A packet of magnetic sand

  4. Anointing oil

  5. Small personal items

  6. Paper and ink

  7. Lastly a red candle. A smaller altar candle will do a great job.


Before starting the lodestone love spells, make sure you find out which ends of the magnetic crystals attract to each other most strongly.

Put them on the tray some distance apart, with the attracting ends apart but close to each other.

Place them as if they are forming a triangle I mean with the heads closer and the tails a little far from each other, after which set up the red candle within the triangular-like shape.


Next, name the lodestones: one for the person you wish to love and one for you.

Get anything of the person you want to love like photos, nails, a lock of hair, nails or piece of cloth.


Place it beneath the person’s lodestone and place something of yours below your lodestone.


If you fail to get such items, then consider writing down the person’s name three times on white paper using red ink.

You too will jot your details on a similar paper using red ink and respectively place them below each lodestone.


If you have slept with the person you want to love you, then personalise the lodestones by smearing them with sexual fluids: vaginal fluids for a “she” stone and semen for a “he” stone.


On the first day of the process, dress the candle with a love-drawing oil, such as Love Me, Come to Me,  Kim Love Drops or a Follow Me Boy Oil.


Sprinkle little of the oil on both lodestones.


Light up a candle and feed the lodestones with a seventh of the magnetic sand.


Concentrate on your desires and allow the candle to burn one-seventh of it after which snuff it.


The following day, move the lodestones closer to each other than yesterday. 

Light the candle, feed the lodestones with a seventh of the magnetic sand.

Concentrate on your desires and Let the candle burn a seventh of it way down and extinguish it.


Perform this for a week until the candle completely burns out, leaving the lodestones lighting as well covered with magnetic sand.

At the end of the ritual, place the magnetic crystals onto a tray, in a safe area where they will continue to attract to each other.


By this time the process will have reached a mature point to convince your lover’s soul and mind to trust you and show you, love.


Choosing the right Candle for a Magic Spell


It is important to know the basics before carrying out a candle magic spell.

Learn that different candle colours represent various types of spells; burning the wrong candle colour will affect the outcomes.


If you fail to get the exact colour of the candle, then fell free to substitute it with a white candle.

I prefer Natural beeswax candles over petroleum-product candles, and always make sure you use new candles.


Once you have chosen the best candle, charge it for your needs, a process known as dressing or preparing your candle.


The method includes anointing the candle with oil, writing on it with letters or symbols that represent your need and giving it energy.


Hold the candle with your stronger hand and then hold your other hand out with your palm up, as though you are getting energy from the universe.


Imagine all that you expect from the process. Focus all your energy and mind and then begin to pull energy from the universe.

Such that it can mix with your expectations and then direct that into the candle you are holding in your dominant hand.


Put the candle in its holder and get ready to cast your spell.


How to cast the spell


Once you have picked and charged your candle, you will finally be ready for the casting, and you will be eager to reunite with your special someone.


Get Prepared by cleaning your area and relaxing your soul.


Hold the candle while carefully looking at the burning candle for the results as you transfer your energy from your hands to the candle.


Light up the candle and continue to visualise the outcome.


Try to think about what you expect from doing this process and focus all your energy on the results.


Let the candle burn for some time and then after Blow out the candle or allow it to burn out completely. You will have cast a spell.


Pure Red Candle Spells that Bring Back Lost Love

Did you and your sweetheart ever carve out your names from any hard material? If you did, well that was good. If you did not, then let’s do it. 


1. Move under any old tree in the backyard.


 2. Hold a virgin red candle, cut out the first name of your lost lover using a tip of a knife or pin or nail.

Do it longitudinally from up to down, stopping approximately one inch from the candle base.


3. Anoint your candle with virgin olive oil and place it in its candle holder.


 4. Pick seven thorns from a red rose flower or use pins if you do not have rose thorns.


5. Put the pins in the letters of the name you inscribed on the candle.


6. Light the candle and visualise your love coming back to you as you concentrate only on those thoughts.


As the candle burns out through each thorn or pin, your lover will start imagining good thoughts about you and will want to get closer to with you.


Using a red candle spell to bring back lost love may end up hooking back someone so special to you. This red candle spell will not harm anyone.


Feel free, cast your spell and wait to see your love running back into your arms.


You can also use a Red Candle to get a new love.


Breaking up and seeking new love is a process of healing. You need to allow ample time for your heart to heal.


Once you feel ready to move on, then this will be a hot spell to get you in the right direction.


With the intense energies from the spells, you will find a new love hence you will free yourself from focusing on your past love.


Real Pink Candle-Love Spells


For every useful real pink candle spell, you have to perform it with a positive attitude implying that you will need a pure intent and open heart.

To start, you will need


  1. A new pink candle

  2. White piece of paper and

  3. A pen of your favourite colour.


Set out in a quiet spot where you will not have any distractions. Keep your mind free from all thoughts and negativities.


Note that If you do not open up to love, expect fewer chances of your Real Pink Candle-Love Spells to work.


On a beginning of the weekend like a Friday night, light up your pink candle.


Write down both your first and last name on a white piece of paper as well do that for your intended lover.


Circle those names, Close both eyes and start imagining the happiness and love you will share once you get together.


Light the pink candle and start watching it carefully.


Keep on watching the pink candle for at least 15 minutes or watch until it burns out.


Try using thicker pink candles if you get some.


Repeat the spell each night for seven days.


More Pink Candle Spells for Romance


Sometimes you will need to use just the right ritual to achieve the best results from the casting.


In white magic spells, the vibrations of different candle colours can help your spells turn out the way you want.


We associate Pink colour with planet Venus, the goddess of love. It is a symbol of love and friendship hence raising positive vibrations.


Casting a spell using a pink candle will attract the friendship and the love of the person you desire in your life.


We use Pink candles to cast spells that will create friendship, attraction, spiritual love, peace, unconditional love, and healing.

We burn pink candle during rituals designed to improve loving one’s self. They are ideal for weddings and all forms of emotional unions.


Your Chances of Finding Love


Will your love spell work? No one can promise you anything, but the efficiency of your spell depends on your determination.


If you cast this spell without seriousness, you are likely to be disappointed.


Contrary, if you approach the process with sincerity and focus, you will be surprised by your results, that is when love will come knocking at your door.


We use pink because it represents self-love / the goddess of love.


When looking for love, we must first find it within ourselves a thing we call self-love.

Hence we use Pink candles. A pink colour allows us to have a tenderness for ourselves and makes us appreciate whom we are.


It enables us to look deep inside ourselves and gain that inner peace as well appreciate ourselves as we are.

No matter the imperfections, we stand up on to our feet and walk with boldness as well realise that there are no perfect people. 


With this confident, we come to understand that to find true love; one has to look at beauty from inside.

On achieving this positive feeling of yourself, you then gain confidence to love others freely with an open heart.

Follow the guide down and learn how to create your self-love spell:


Take a pink candle and place it on a table.


One rose quartz crystal set in a ring or necklace.


These spells will assist you to invoke and feel self-love.  Write your name and a phrase such”I love myself for who I am” on the pink candle.


Place the rose quartz crystal into your palms and light the pink candle, start gazing at the candle and continue waiting till it burns itself out, and throughout this time continue to hold your rose quartz in your palms.


As the candle burns think about all the things that you love about yourself.


You can also invoke the following while you focus on the candle

“Kim  I call upon you to present me your healing power for self-love and to experience sweetness, romance, true love, harmony, inner peace and femininity. May I accept and love myself for who I am.”


After you finish your spell for self-love, remember to thank Kim Kim for his bestowing upon you for the healing and self-love you need.


Place the rose quartz crystal beside your bed because their beautiful magic will bring out the beauty of your true self.


You may also wear a ring or necklace that has rose quartz set in them that you used for your spell.


After reading all the information above, I trust that you will be able to choose the best way to handle your situation.


Remember no condition is permanent and there is always a solution. Chief Kim will offer you the best he can