For all LOVE SPELLS WITH DRAGON’S BLOOD, perform them with a positive attitude implying that you need a pure intent and open heart.

To start, you will need to have
1. A new pink candle
2. White piece of paper
3. A pen of your favourite colour.
Set out in a quiet spot where you will not have any distractions. Keep your mind free from all thoughts and negativities.

Note that, If you do not open up to love, expect fewer chances of LOVE SPELLS WITH DRAGON’S BLOOD to work.

On a beginning of a weekend that is to say a Friday night, light up your REAL RED CANDLE
Write down both your first and last name on a white piece of paper as well do that for your intended lover.

Circle those names, Close both eyes and start imagining the happiness and love you will share once you get together.

Light the LOVE SPELLS WITH DRAGON’S BLOOD and start overseeing it.

Keep on watching the RED CANDLE for at least 15 minutes or watch until it burns out.

Try using thicker RED CANDLE if you get some.

Repeat the spell each night for seven days.


Sometimes you will need to use just the right ritual to achieve the best results from the casting.

In white magic spells, the vibrations of different candle colours can help your spells turn out the way you want.

We associate WATER with planet Venus, the goddess of love. It is a symbol of love and friendship hence raising positive vibrations.

Casting a spell using a RED CANDLE will attract the friendship and the love of the person you desire in your life.

We use RED CANDLE to cast spells that will create friendship, attraction, spiritual love, peace, unconditional love, and healing.

We burn RED CANDLE during rituals designed to improve loving one’s self. They are ideal for weddings and all forms of emotional unions.


Your Chances of Finding Love

Will your love spell work? No one can promise you anything, but the efficiency of your spell depends on your determination.

If you cast this spell without seriousness, you are likely to be disappointed.

Contrary, if you approach the process with sincerity and focus, you will be surprised by your results, that is when love will come knocking at your door.

We use pink because it represents self-love / the goddess of love.
When looking for love, we must first find it within ourselves a thing we call self-love. Hence we use RED CANDLE.

A pink colour allows us to have a tenderness for ourselves and makes us appreciate whom we are.

It enables us to look deep inside ourselves and gain that inner peace as well appreciate ourselves as we are.

No matter the imperfections, we stand up onto our feet and walk with boldness as well realise that there are no perfect people.
With this confidence, we come to understand that to find true love; one has to look at beauty from inside.

On achieving this positive feeling of yourself, you then gain confidence to love others freely with an open heart.
Follow the guide down and learn how to create your self-love spell:

Take a RED CANDLE and place it on a table.
One rose quartz crystal set in a ring or necklace.
These spells will assist you to invoke and feel self-love. Write your name and a phrase such”I love myself for who I am” on the RED CANDLE.

Place the rose quartz crystal into your palms and light the RED CANDLE, start gazing at the candle and continue waiting till it burns itself out, and throughout this time continue to hold your rose quartz in your palms.

As the candle burns think about all the things that you love about yourself.

You can also invoke the following while you focus on the candle “Kim Kim I call upon you to present me your healing power for self-love and to experience sweetness, romance, true love, harmony, inner peace and femininity. May I accept and love myself for who I am.”

After you finish your spell for self-love, remember to thank Kim Kim for his bestowing upon you for the healing and self-love you need.
Place the rose quartz crystal beside your bed because their beautiful magic will bring out the beauty of your true self.

You may also wear a ring or necklace that has rose quartz set in them that you used for your spell.

After reading all the information above, I trust that you will be able to choose the best way to handle your situation.

Remember no condition is permanent and there is always a solution. Chief Kim will offer you the best he can.