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Gay Love Spells

Gay Love Spells

Gay love spells also cover Lesbian and Homosexual love spells. Today you will see the power of lesbian and gay love spells that work instantly.

These are Same Sex love spells that are used by many lesbians and gays today. Powerful gay love spells are unique because they are spiritually prepared and have surprised a lot of people in the current days.

Powerful Gay love spells are done to gain the attention of anyone of the same gender. Gay love spells seem easier though on the other hand are quite tricky to cast.

It is a bit hard to cast spells for people of the same-sex since traditionally love is between people of different sex. If you love someone of the same sex, then to achieve this, use powerful Gay Love Spell.

Some spell casters have dug deeper into gay love spells casting and have mastered the art very well. You should, therefore, smile as it is now easier to win a same sex lover than it was before.

After casting powerful Gay love spells on someone, it is harder for that person to resist. It is better to choose people with gay characteristics as its easier and less tasking to win their hearts.

Heterosexual men are stubborn and resistant to gay love spells, winning them requires stronger periods like black magic spells.


Should you wish to do simple gay love spells at home, below are a few steps you will follow:


You need a white piece of paper, a red pen, cinnamon powder and honey

1. Take a plain white sheet of paper. On it write your first name and then the last name.

2. Just below your name, write and circle the full names of the person want to attract.

3. Take a piece of cotton, slightly soak it into honey and simmer it over the circled name. Avoid using too much honey as it will not make any difference.

4. Take some cinnamon powder and sprinkle over the honey. The purpose for this is to grab your partners attention and listen to your commands.

5. Take the paper and fold it such that the writings hide inside. You can safely keep this folded paper with you. Keep it in a wallet or pockets.

This process is excellent to perform under the waxing moon.


Here is a second method you can follow to prepare powerful gay love spells while at home.


You need to follow these steps to cast these powerful gay love spells. These are easy steps to do, and I believe that almost everyone will be able to follow.

Requirements: pieces of hair, rose water, bowl, names, sand, white paper and a red pen.


1. As a prerequisite, look for hair of the person you want to love you.



2. Pour little rose water in, a bowl and place the hair inside it.



3. After two days, get your hair and place it in the same bowl. Then chant the words “(name of the person you want) MOKO PALME PUNTA HO (your name) 12 times each day and do it for seven days.



4. On the eighth day pour sand to cover the hair inside the bowel.


5. Take a white piece of paper and with red ink write down both yours and your partner’s surname.


6. Place the bowl on top of the white paper.
With the strength of the spells, that person will get attracted to you. Should you face a problem in your relationship, email Chief kimu names and date of birth for both of you.


Concept of Gay love spells


Powerful Gay love spells contain energies that will attract people of the same sex and drive out people of the opposite sex who are interested you.


It is always good to follow the right rituals while casting gay love spells. Gay love spells fall under the category of white magic spells and not black magic spells.


After casting these gay love spells, the right persons get attracted to you automatically. They will get deeper feelings for you, develop a connection and stick to you.


There are many types of spells similar to Gay love spells, and I will list and explain them below:


If you are looking at attracting someone of the same-sex yet he or she is not interested, then try casting gay love spells.

You will not only get attention but also love. As a gay or lesbian you will embrace your uniqueness. Similar to gay love spells are:

1. Lesbian love spells attract lesbian lovers while lesbian lost love spells retrieve a lost lesbian lover.

This love spells will stop a cheating girlfriend & make her commit to your relationship as well as marriage.
You can, therefore, make that stubborn partner fall in love with you by using lesbian love spells that work instantly.


2. Powerful gay love spells that work.
Powerful gay love spells influence all relations between gay lovers.

Strong lesbian love spells build strong bonds between lesbian lovers. Gay/lesbian love spells cause someone of the same sex to fall in love with you

3. Gay binding spells
You can Cast gay binding spells to make someone love and desire you with passion.

Gay binding spells help to save your relationship from divorce or breaking up.


4. Lesbian attraction love spells that work.
Attract that woman or soul mate using lesbian attraction love spells.

You can get back with your ex or make someone you desire to love you by using the lesbian attraction spells.

5. relationship


6. Lesbian Marriage love spells
Fix problems in your relationship using powerful lesbian marriage love spells

Lesbian Marriage love spells to improve understanding & intimacy with your lover
Make your partner commit to marriage using lesbian marriage love spells


7. Gay commitment love spells
To marry your gay lover, use the gay commitment love spells. Gay commitment love spells make the one you desire to commit to a relationship with you.

You can also make someone accept a marriage proposal by using gay commitment love spells.


8. Lesbian spells
Lesbian spells are designed specifically for females who date each other. These powerful spells contain love magic, love rituals, love amulets & love charms.

One can increase the love energy forces between two females by using lesbian spells.

Furthermore, Lesbian spells are used to fix all relationship problems.


9. Binding lesbian love spells
Binding lesbian love spells fix lesbian relationships. If you want a stronger relationship, then use binding lesbian love spells that work.


10. Woman soul mate love spells
Find your soul mate with lesbian soul mate love spells to make your desires for true soul mate love a reality.


11. Stop cheating lesbian spells
Seal the heart & bind the passions of your loved ones making them commit & never cheat on you using lesbian lost love spells


12. Gay attraction love spells
Gay attraction love spells help to seduce a gay lover. To start a new relationship, then you got to use the fall in love gay spells that work fast


13. Gay love spells
Increase the love bond between you & another gay lover you desire using gay love spells that will bind their heart to yours

Gay love spells to increase intimacy, affection & understanding between you & your gay lover to make your relationship & commitment for each other stronger

Prevent family, friends or ex-lovers from interfering with your love life using gay spells


14. Gay spells that work
Gay spells will help gay couples resolve problems in their relationships. Find gay love & make someone love you with gay spells

15. Gay love spells to attract a gay lover or make your relationship stronger.

Increase the affection & intimacy in your relationship using powerful gay love spells that work
Gay love spells to banish 3rd party interference from your relationship.


16. Gay love spells that work
Attract your soul mate lover & make them yours with gay love spells

Gay love spells to make the man you desire fall in love with you
Protect your relationship or bring you & your lover closer together with gay love spells


17. Lesbian love spells that work
Remove problems in your relationship with lesbian love spells that work

lesbian love spells to make the woman of your dreams fall in love with you

Get back with your lesbian love using lost love spells

Gay love spells, lesbian love spells, and bisexual love spells help to fix love problems for gay & lesbian couples.