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black magic

black Magic is a traditional art that includes the use of supernatural powers or invocation of spirits to perform a particular purpose.


Some people consider Black magic a dark art because it involves controlling someone to get what you want. If you aim at bringing about some form of justice and peace, then some refer to it as a white magic.


Never the less they all require almost the same procedure except what changes is the commands instructed during the casting.


Different people prefer either black magic or white magic depending on what bothers them. Most people choose black magic as the last option after trying all other ways and failed.


The reason why most people use black magic is:


1. To stop those who stand their way. I mean those who prevent others from fulfilling their dreams.


2. To keep someone bound in place and dance to your tune.


3. To attract people or lovers no matter the situation. Love spells

are the most popularly used spells in conjunction with black magic.


4. To achieve immortality and improve health.


5. To communicate with the dead or ancestors.


6. To gain wealth left behind by the dead and raise the spirits of the dead from their graves.


CAUTION: Spirits and powerful forces fuel black magic, it is, therefore, necessary to understand the process before you start on any spell casting.

Otherwise, you might get harmed in the process. But do not be scared of getting injured or hurt because chief Kim will do all the necessary checks and evaluation before recommending you for any hex.


Understanding Black Magic


Before you start doing anything, think about the situation troubling you, and then reflect on the outcome if you used black magic to correct it.

If the results end up leaving the other party suffering forever, I would advise you to look at other means as you would never love to see someone suffering permanently.

If you are aiming at personal gain without harming the other party permanently, then you are free to try black magic.

Basics summary of casting the black magic ritual.


Casting black magic will differ depending on the purpose, but the following steps are common to all processes:


1. For each spell, you have to choose a site.

2. At the site, draw a circular diagram, and inside it draw a pentagram to form a “circle power”.

3. Draw out spirits and command them using Herbs, candles, charms, crystals and other materials.

3.Repeat for three times, the Words relevant to the particular outcome that you want.


Understand hexes and curses.


There are other ways to cast black magic other than the common way. Placing a hex or curse is aimed at bringing ill fortune to someone or make them do what you want. Therefore, take care when using curses and hexes. The onus is upon you to determine whether your reasons for hexing someone is worthy him or her suffering. Hence you must choose wisely.


The process of performing a Black Magic Ritual


1. Choose the right area where to perform from the spells. Spirits work best in quiet places with less human movements like mountainous or wooded areas, hidden rivers or lakesides and even graveyards which are just perfect places to choose if you’re planning on conjuring the dead.

2. Draw a pentagram inside a circle.

A pentagram is a powerful symbol used in black magic rituals. The pentagram is hand hewed on a stem of a hazel tree ( a hazel tree is a large shrub considered a container of ancient knowledge). Consider any alternative trees in the absence of a hazel tree.

3. Step into the circle of power, and when standing, collect all your energy, concentrate and try to avoid distraction.

4. For three times, Repeat the Words relevant to the particular outcome you want.
Note that each spell has its words to recite. Take an example, if you want to sermon a spirit, you must follow the right procedure, use the right language and words for the spell to work.

Write your spell in a sort of textbook for spells (grimoire), with instructions on how to use black magic.

5. Get Prepared for your results.
If you follow the right procedure, then expect to see results you desire. Since you are dealing with black magic, then arm yourself against any evil spirits that may come out.

If you have summoned a spirit or a demonic beast, make sure you have protected yourself and then be very careful, because these creatures sometimes disobey their summoner.